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next phase in the process. Bergdahl, released in Taliban-US swap deal, has been shifted to outpatient care from military hospital. ? The Army said his "reintegration process" is p

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ira bordering Colombia, Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro said President Hugo Chavez's government is one of unity, respect and dignity. Maduro said when Colombian Preside

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ecent months. Former Chief of Staff Antonio Palocci stepped down in June after a suspicious increase in his personal assets, followed by the resignation of former transport minist

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erly died this week because of a heat wave which has scorched Sao Paulo state in southeastern Brazil, officials said Thursday. In the coastal city of Santos, 32 elderly died. Seve

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d not require two police officers to shoot six times. He was mentally challenged, everyone knew he was mentally challenged, if you didn't know him, you could look at him and tell

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of the victims, a science teacher, suffered minor injury, while the other was a student who is now in serious but stable condition. The student was airlifted to Kern Medical Cent

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still worth it because people are looking for cheaper prices for the things that they want. That's why she did get up early on Boxing Day and shop for them. Norman Ho, another sho